Contra-Mestre Pitbull (Christopher Langner) started studying Capoeira formally in his first year in university, in February 1996, under Mestre Gladson, a professor in the school of physical education at the University of São Paulo, Brazil’s most prestigious learning institution.


He joined Centro Cultural Senzala in 2000, though he had been attending Senzala’s monthly rodas and the occasional class for two years. During his first year at Senzala he trained under Mestre Flavio Caranguejo and his sister Mestre Nega Uara, who took turns teaching at a small studio they had built in the back of their house, in the neighbourhood of Rio Pequeno, in the outskirts of São Paulo. After a year, Mestre Flavio stopped teaching in that studio and Pitbull followed-on studying under her and her other brother, Mestre Ulisses Guaiamum.

In early 2012, Pitbull, a professional journalist, was transferred to Singapore by his employer where he has started teaching Capoeira classes. He now has students teaching in Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as well, under the Persatuan Capoeira Pahang.

In July 2017, Pitbull received his Contra-Mestre cord from Mestre Nega during an event in São Paulo.


One of the most outstanding woman capoeiristas of her generation, Mestre Nega comes from a true Capoeira family. Her mother practiced Capoeira under Mestre Kenura, from grupo Fonte do Gravatá and Nega’s father was one of the members of the Brazilian folklore group of Mestre Acordeon, which travelled to the US in the 1970s showcasing Capoeira to the world.

She trained under her brother Mestre Ulisses Guaiamum from a very early age, but also often took lessons and learned from her other brother, Mestre Flavio Caranguejo. Nega Uara now lives in Séte, south of France, where she teaches Capoeira. Both Mestre Flavio and Mestre Ulisses were students of Mestre Peixinho, one of the founders of Senzala, with whom Nega often took classes herself.


Contra-Mestre Pitbull, 2013

Mestre Nega

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In early 2007, Pitbull started teaching a class in New York, which is now under the guidance of Instrutor Rã, also a student of Mestre Nega and Mestre Ulisses.


Besides running his own Capoeira studio, Contra-Mestre Pitbull taught a Capoeira discipline at Pace University and Capoeira-fitness oriented classes for gyms in the New York area.